Created by Kleio B'wti

I Don’t Have A Sad Song

There was an online quiz titled, “Everyone has a sad song. Find out which one is yours!” 

The title got me thinking. Sad song? Do I have a sad song? And then I understood something profound; something important. It is a truth that defines me and drives my creativity and choices in music, art and entertainment. 

I don’t identify with any sad songs. And there are no sad songs that I listen to when I am low

Even in my saddest hour, it is a peppy number that I reach out to. Songs with a good beat and beautiful lyrics make my darkest day bright. 

Perhaps, the saddest song I can think of is the duet, ‘Thunderclouds‘ by LSD (#Labrinth, #Sia and #Diplo), which is more about the anxiety in a relationship and the partners reassuring each other about their mutual commitments. And that’s an ideal situation, rather than a painful manoeuvre in any romantic relationship. 

When I was really young, a good friend gave me a Ghazal album by #AdnanSami– ‘Kabhi to Nazar Milao‘. It is rated as one of the most romantic #Ghazal albums, ever. Unfortunately, I found the album to be the most depressing ever.

Songs without a happy tempo, hold no light for me. 

For me, music is a conversation with the soul. Anything that pains the soul is not worth a listen. Every bit that lifts the soul is worth being a part of my music collection. I rejoice with music even on the most depressing day. 

I am unsure how many people would recognize my need to search for happiness in everything I do. But that’s the purpose of my life. To find and spread happiness. 

And what is joy without pace? 

What is delightful touches the inner core!

So, how can I have a sad song when it just trickles through my life unseen? 

Yes, I don’t have a sad song. And yes, the happiest song makes me teary-eyed!

'Ballerina' Short Story Author: Kleio B'wti ©, 2017.


She wanted to wear those beautiful red heels and dance! She could see her blond hair bob in a ponytail every time she swished through the rink, a beauty an elegant angel with posteriors stretching to perfection!


The crowd applauded with her every swirl. Their cheers rose a crescendo when she twirled around. No other human could sway into immaculate circles like her. Only she could ever achieve such perfection!


She was a dancer - 'the' Ballerina.

The Ballerina swayed as the wind, who flowed as those orange leaves in autumn! She was that perfect creation of nature that only enhanced from perfection to surreal.


Every curve of her pirouette filled the world with the scent of heaven- the glitter from the sky. She could make the sun rise with her leaps, the waves rose high with her Degage. She could awaken a volcano in her Allegro and bring rain with that swift Tour en l'air.


Beautiful Ballerina Croiséd in quintessential harmony, she created hues of red, pink, gold, violet, silver. The Ballerina conjured bubbles of warmth and clouds of a dream. A never ending dream, spotless, precise, untouched- the ultimate concoction of swilling sentimentality- a piece of her heart.

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