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Through our blog posts, unravel your poison into wakefulness. Make your passion a reality. Our blogs will help you find solace. At other times it will act as a stimulus to manifest your hidden goals. Read the Blog post to battle out your poisons, and wake up with a passion for life.



Read and enjoy the flavors of life through Fables. Our original stories have been copywritten by some of the most passionate writers we know. Refresh your senses, share, relish and live the tales with our Short Stories Channel.

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To attune to the dynamics of time, it is important to acknowledge the fresh minds of youth. Verse is the channel that will make you rise above it all. The young writers at this channel will acclimatize minds with the changing tides.

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We will intoxicate you, captivate you and galvanize you to love our creative originality through our amazing quotes. Get illumined and witness the Shine with us.

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More Than Words Image Β©kleio b'wti

Love: More Than Words <3

The different expression of love!

Created by Kleio B'wti

I Don’t Have A Sad Song

Music feeds the soul! And that’s why I like my music peppy and foot-tapping. Because, life is all about enjoying every moment, every minute and every hour! *It is a personal account of the author, Kleio B’wti ‘s choice in music.

Birth- A Short Story


Here is the mini story of how the greatest ingredient of life came into being! Do you know whom we are talking about? Read to find out more!