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Short Story


The alarms went off. People woke up and then realised it was still night. They went off to sleep again. The early birds work up, then thought it was a night nocturnal that woke them up. They went off to sleep again. Some tossed and […]


Waking the Indian Within

In the mumbo-jumbo of our current times, sometimes we forget the meaning of freedom and independence. August 15- is a day of celebration, pomp, glory, loads of patriotic songs and good food! It is our way of celebrating Indian independence. However, have we endeavoured to […]

Before the Blues

As the pebble from the tree fell, the apple from the deepest dungeons of the Gaia sprouted a tiny leaf. When the skies were green, and the seas were yellow, violet was the sun, and red was the night, a worm of utmost beauty; conceived […]