Photographer: C.L.K Reddy


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Dream...Believe.. Inhale!


The passion of life stops at nothing. The slumber hunters of everyday life share their deepest darkest poisons-passions-beliefs-ideals-dreams to an upswing on this very page.


These writers share what they think through prose and poems. They discuss their route to overcome the poisons of slumber and rise up to acquire the nectar of life. This is the section where we will all glorify survival.


Stop by to breathe in new whiffs of life.

Pic Courtsey: C.L.K Reddy Poetry: 'Moon' Poet: Mona Singh ©


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Revive.. Transform... Prevail!


Fable, as we know is a synonym for stories. In this channel, we will decompose insecurities, fears, hatred, hopelessness, avarice and other pollutants of our human existence. We will release the noxiousness from the lives of the readers and fill their hearts with healthy hope and a shine to live life.


Life might be tough. Disillusion maybe it's middle name. The journey of confusion can lead to the ultimate light of self- belief, self-acceptance, and self- enlightenment. All these 'self' elements are actually the 'Selfies' of experience that lead to lasting emotional awareness.


The Glitter-Gatherers of Wake-n-Shine will share short stories of life's ways with you. The journey will be fun, and it will make you eager for further installments of the developing plots. You will want more, and you will get it here.


When in a sticky situation, you will be reminded of some event from one or some of the short stories that are published here.


They will make you smile through those tough times, gear up, maybe be inspired to tackle it with might.

Blogs ©, 2017.

Unravel Your Sparkles to Wakefulness

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Unraveling Your Sparkles to Wakefulness!


This Blog section is all about “Unraveling your Sparkles to Wakefulness". There are things that spur us in life. There are times we are motivated; at times defeated. Sometimes, we stand up for personal and social issues. And sometimes, we are mere spectators. The spools of emotion that remain coiled in us gives us our individuality. Let us embrace the ‘spirit’ that drives us to take action or the lack of it that allows us to be victims or audience.


Through the Blog posts, we will cure the venom that runs within us into an awakened state of consciousness. The idea is to use the venom and turn it into nectar. We will extricate the negatives; transform them into positives through our passion of writing.


Our write-ups have fire, honesty, zeal, creativity, fun and mischief. We the Toxicologists of life, the 'Slumber-Hunters' of Wake-n-Shine, welcome you to the path of discovery and human revolution.


"Existence is the ability to endure while living is the blessing to exert towards perfection."- Kleio B'wti



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