Bereaved Poem Poet: Mona Singh ©, 2017.

The Happiest was the Dead,
It went away.
Leaving All My Grudge,
and Hatred;
On this so-called Mud.....

The Detachment Clouted Me,
Compelled Me To Clear out;
All the Debt Of,
This Deafening Silence.

But How?
But How?
The Impossible be Made Possible?

Because Now I Know-
We Both have Gone into

Poet: Mona Singh


Editor's Note: Mona, losing a pet is the saddest of all tragedies. You lose the most important part of yourself with your loving pet. But as they say, life goes on, and it will only make you stronger than before. Wherever your friend is right now, you are remembered and cherished. Lots of love from all of us at <3

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