Big Poetry Poet: Rishabh Raj ©

I wanna get big!
I wanna be big!!
I want- Ahh.... Really!
I shouted so loud.


Oh no!
Mom n Daddy asked. "What's the matter, son?
What's this screaming all about?


I wanna get BIG
The Lord knows.
So I shouted-
And got a tight slap.


Many nights I chanted to sleep,
'I want to get big!'
But never asked elders the same
Question- about growing up.


I waited for time,
When not only me,
But the world would notice I've grown.

"Yes! He stands tall on his feet.
Not just a boy in his mom's lap."
Woo-hoo! what a feat!


Small with words and actions,
I can make anyone today;
but an awkward unease binds me,
An affliction of many people my age.


Rewind our lives to the pint-size,
Huge 'Fs'- Felicity and Fortitude;
Reasons want to pull us back,
Many and me, want our bags packed.


Ya, I miss Mom calling me "Betu".
A hefty piggy bank of familial love;
The everyday games, Alas!
I don't recall when I played last!


Tom & Jerry, Pokemon, and Beyblade,
Like Ostwald and Veini,
My friends, the laughter, that craze.


Now friends aren't there all the time,
Those moments of terrific fun!
Now a bored, a useless grunt.


FB and WatsApp keep us paced,
Na, Na, it's not enough!
How long will apps reduce my loneliness?
Ouch! My eyes! They put 'em through stress!



Poet: Rishabh Raj

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