Why Criticize?

The biggest issue one faces after moving to a new city is the challenge of adjusting.


The sheltered life of family and home is replaced by the harsh world that judges and reprimands every moment. Through trial and error, one learns. Then, adjusts to the differences of colloquial nuances while conversing. Gradually the one acclimatizes to the difference in the physical and social environment.


Finally, this person fine-tunes the essence of familial teachings to absorb the new atmosphere and make it one’s own. Through all these processes, though not chronological, human being advances and more often than not develops a distinct individuality.


However, the judging eyes do not stop to scrutinize. Initially, the inspectors are these of the new environment, however, the very own family and friends soon join the appraisers. More often than not, there are sermons, bitterness, and jealousy that one’s own awards the newly evolved person rather than pride and confidence. This confuses the mind of the traveler of culture. There is a partial assimilation of the new.


Discarding of the defunct thought processes and imbibing modernism yet respecting the eternal tradition of humanity- becomes the slogan of life.


Rahul's open letter ©www.wakenshine.com, 2017.

The society, however, only equates it as a sham, upholding the crumbling traditions that have no place in the new world. A young mind questions, worries, and sometimes writes.

Rahul Vats shares his focused thoughts with these few lines.

The world will change; new learning will only add value to the changing times. When changing technology can be readily accepted, I wonder why there is so much of fuss accepting changing mindsets. Why criticize transformation? Why not think and metamorphosis into evolved human beings, for the good of today and betterment of tomorrow? Think about it.


Author: Rahul Vats with Kleio B'wti


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