DREAMS: Divinity Or Curse

Marks; Marks; Marks......
Sometimes it seems;
so disturbing to me;
Exactly in the same way,
as I got disturbed by late night dog barks......


The question arises in my mind;
“Is getting good marks everything?
“Answer got by teachers and parents; “yes child......
Otherwise, you are nothing "......
Another question:
"Is there any place for talent?
"Answer:" we reject this question. Don't argue further. Please be silent!"
Is this behavior of our elders: wrong or right?
Absolutely no! And this forces me; versus them;
To have some scornful fight.
In school;
Teachers tell us to buy this book, that book,
But why not teach us, how to swim in our dream’s brook,


At home: if I try to do something to follow my dream,
Why slogan then repeats: “study, study, study!”
Ufff! That horrifying scream.


God gave me the right to live, do whatever I want to,
So why dear parents, there’s always a big no?
God sent me here to do something, some great things!


That the people could forget the remaining;
(Implies the special works done in the past),
But only the thing piercing in my soft dreams;
Giving me undesired pain,
Is the long, so long?
Infinitely long "study train!"
So I went to tell the parents that I want to live my dream;
“Can’t study anymore and can't fulfill your dream,
Of becoming an engineer or a doctor.”
They simply said:"ha! Ha! Ha. Shut up!!!
Then forget your dream too.
Go to a village, do farming, we will buy you a tractor.’


How can I reach my goal with these appreciating efforts from my parents?
This situation is the worst; without being dead; I am enjoying the hell's ride;


A lot of pressure is there on my mind,
I forget to smile, thoughts in action;
Phenomena of this kind.


Sometimes I think it is better to end the life,
As compared to do what I exactly don't want to do,
But I stop myself as arises the promise, I gave to my parents,
“Mommy, mommy; papa, papa- I will surely make u feel proud.
A pride swelling your hearts when you introduce me, “he’s my Child.”


Is study the only thing which can make someone special and superior,
Or is it the dream, its fulfillment can give a lifetime: a hurtful tenure.
Can it be possible to do things which I do not want; I seriously don't know,


Oh lord!
Why are my parents digging up; a hole for my heart a hopeless burrow,
I’m waiting for god's miracle;
till then my friends its “sorrow, sorrow and only sorrow ".


Message from the Poet:

I talked about the worst phase of my life, still an ongoing one; this particular; is the story of the young generation in India. I tried my best to convey a sound and important message to all parents; please let your child live life without interference. Because where there is a dream; there is definitely a smoking talent residing in his or her soul and if you gave them a chance; they will surely stand by their words......

There is one line "it is better to end the life"...... This line is nothing but a useless and foolish thing to say n act when I think about it twice, thrice or more.
So it's a prayer to all, do not think of these silly things... It's an urge......

Thank you..... Rishabh Raj

Editor's Note:-

Youth finds the challenges of life tough. They think parents are stopping them from living their dreams. A parent only tries to protect the offspring, whenever possible. Maybe it's time for parents to listen, understand and trust their child's choices and for children to be focused on their dreams but never forget that studying is as important as breathing. Education opens young minds to achieve their goals as it fills them with reason.



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