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There is a small anecdote that really got me thinking. Here it goes:

One day the Buddha was walking through a village. A person walked up to him and started shouting invectives at him. The man was a stranger that the Buddha did not know.


Buddha looked at the angry man and asked him a hypothetical question. "If you buy a gift for a friend who refuses to accept it, then to whom will the gift belong?"

The confused villager replied, "If I had bought the gift, it would belong to me!"

The Buddha said with a serene smile, "I do not accept the anger and aspersions you have thrown at me. I guess you know now whom they belong to."


Life throws several stones of negativity at us. Not accepting them as obstacles will allow the situation to not affect us. Considering problems as propellers of self-advancement remodels problems into the catalyst for transformation. Getting cowered by snags; livid at contrary situations, spur the challenges to absorb pessimism in our lives. We live in a free world.


The onus of every decision we take is our own.


Whatever comes our way is for us to acknowledge. We can ignore them; throw them away; keep them in a cupboard, or display them in our life. This can create value in our own lives and others. Every day is a gift. Each present is precious. Any prospect is an invitation of goodness. It’s all a matter of perspective. It is all up to us, how we treat the various stimuli that we collide with.


Self-conviction can confront trouble head-on.


“A little gift of trust is all it takes.” – Kleio B’wti



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