Childlike Humanity

Childlike Humanity Blog Post Author: Kleio B'wti ©
The conversation took a turn towards spiritual treasures, while my friend and I were having a conversation.


He said, "We don't need a ruler anymore. Today our world needs a guide to amalgamate mankind, to give them something good." I realized after a ponder. that he was talking about humanity!

Our world is segregated. The great divide separates our race, religion, choice of food and even the choice of dressing! To gain acceptance its compulsory to fit in with the beliefs of the majority. Variably those who flout doctored characteristics are condemned!

Man+Kindness = Mankind

The word 'Mankind' only signifies benevolence. Those who possess great compassion belong to the elite group called Mankind.  

Life isn’t about social adherence, financial abundance, and superfluous beliefs! 


We have the caliber to not judge. Receptiveness to varied choices made by others is what tolerance is all about. Who are we to judge right from wrong? Why do we consider people with different choices unloved by the Almighty? Who are we to boycott them as the residents of hell after they die?


Without the blessings of the Great one, would they have had the courage to stand up? Children are innocent mudpies. They have the potential to take their own beautiful shape, provided they are not cramped with the potter's expectations. Every individual likewise has the capability to be their own self and succeed.

The Bible quotes, "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." Matthew 7:1


Life is actually about recognition of diversity and admiration of each entity. People who follow this mantra are the guides. They integrate mankind into a striking tapestry of cohesiveness. Why can't we live like children, carefree? Can’t we have the childlike wonder for multifariousness? Why can't we view a naive life- an extravagant assortment of heterogeneity?

Yes, we can. It's effortless- just a sprinkle of unwavering warmth, for the living kind- the humankind- the humane kind.


Author: Kleio B'wti

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