ICU Takeaways

ICU Takeaways

***Key Takeaways from Waiting Outside The ICU For A Loved One To Wake Up:

#2. Absorb and exude the energy around. It is not negativity but hope that the relatives carry with them.

#3. Keep talking to your ICU-bound loved one even when you think they can't hear you. Vibes travel. Send out positive vibes.

#4. Be the first in the queue during visiting hours. Just like you want to look at the monitors to be assured that a heart is beating, that sedated heart waits to hear your hi.

#5. When stressed, paint/ write/ work from the hospital- if you are constructive, the universe will honour your commitment to making a difference in other's lives.

#6. Tell the person how much they mean to you. They are critical but there is always that slight chance they'll hear you and come back.

#7. And if that doesn't work, give the sick person an ultimatum- a time frame. Often, when sedated, intubated, etc, your person doesn't have a watch and they lose count of time. Tell them. The day. The date and the time you need them to recover by. It motivates them to plan their recovery.

#8. This is point #1 too. Pray to whoever you believe in. And trust your prayers will be answered.

|| You might think it’s easier said than done. But I saw the magic of prayers, positive thinking and continuing to do my karma, no matter what. And I saw the miracle of God's love... It's so wonderful... Oh! wonderful love***

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