Love Thy Labors

When I see recent statuses on social media forums, I cringe, more often than not. I feel ashamed that I knew some as school buddies. I see them poke fun at people they think are poorer in terms of finance, education and, or social status.


Allow me to question if financial expansion is the only agenda in life. Also, those who are paid help may be financially stronger as the money they earn cleaning houses is always in cash, hence tax-free. Instead of spending their money on buying expensive clothes, visiting malls or going on those exorbitant holidays where flaunting pictures on social media create a furor of 'likes' and envy, they save their money, invest it in shares or property.


Finally, they make most of what they earn rather than few of us.


Some demean their employees, putting up stupid and insensitive social statuses. Their unsuspecting worker smiles unknowingly, feeling happy for being treated as equals. We might sit alone staring at the phone or computer for likes and shares while these undoubting individuals hug their children and take pleasure in being a parent and enjoying the importance that their employer showers on them. On WhatsApp we might meddle in our so called friends’ lives, throughout the night; these employees on daily wages on the other hand slumber contentedly after earning an honest sleep of bliss.


It is pointless to question the BBC report of us having more enslaved/bonded labors today than yesteryears. These workers feel that they have earned a quiet respect while their bosses still live in the foregone era of colonialism and subjugation. We might not accept but every employee we levy our hilarity and ridicule at have a greater social power to influence than we do. We might wonder why? So let me tell you, they are more humane and economically thriving than we are. As they make the mass of the population they have a way of influencing the society.  They work hard with integrity.


Education is not earning degrees but respecting others and loving other living beings. Today is an era freedom of expression and standing for what is right not the old age of suppression. This doesn't give us the license to humiliate others especially because someone is economically or socially less flourishing than we are.


What makes us still post such thoughtless and silly status about our help, online? Why all them a servant or a maid and not home helpers? What makes us demean them on various social media platforms with pictures, weird anecdotes, and names?


Let’s try to change ourselves now if we can or very soon the so-called servants or maids of ours will be hiring us and posting our pictures on social media and giggling with mirth.


Author: Kleio B'wti

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