Mask by Kleio B'wti

Everyone wears a mask. And the things their disguise cannot hide, they cover with a shroud. I see it every day. I hear it in my (so called) near one’s tone of voice.


How many contact us not only because they think it’s their duty or want some kind of help or advice? Rarely anyone. Then there are some who make it a point to be in regular touch with you, however, are not interested in the conversation you hold. Why call then?


I don’t understand the world. I meet so many liars and pretenders every day. I wonder what they see in the mirror- the true them or what they pretend to be?


How appropriate sounds the famous saying by the insightful, Victor Hugo- "Virtue has a veil, vice a mask." Makes sense, doesn't it?


Yes, perhaps it's a vice to wear a guise. Although they try to hide behind the camouflage, I know those faces, I can see the true them. I accept them the way they are. Because someone somewhere is accepting me with all my mantles too.


Author: Kleio B'wti

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