Moronic Heart

Stone Heart Poem Author: Rishabh Raj ©

Oh, heart......


Are you a moron or what ??
Oh, heart… oh, my heart… oh my “beloved” heart,
Why force my life to a dead and slow bullock-cart?
You are my best friend as far as I know,
But where has that friendship gone,
My Dear?

Why not obey my words... To remember her?
Bringing back the happy-sorrow,
Alas! Of that girl?


Please, my mate! Please understand.
She was not a right choice my mate,
You tried so much
(Various attempts of coming closer).
But she never welcomed you
Always rejecting in one way, or another.

Oh Yes!
She never opened the gate of her heart.
You went further, finally proposed-
She went far trashing your heart.


I know it’s tough.
She being the one who impressed u-
Only one who overlooked,
Leaving your heart- squashed!

Ok, don’t pay attention to the lines above.
Coz now I talk to you, my readers-
Telling you her deadly; ruthless tale.


When she dissolved that precious moment,
Into tears of self-hate!
When she shouted, "See your face, you dumb!
Don't follow me- you don't match my status."
So ruthless! Wasn't she?
Tell me Oh! Readers,
Is love a balance sheet?
Or a carpet of sweet dreams?


I can feel your beat, O heart!
You are still alive- make it count.
Don’t be dead or inactive,
You are not lifeless.
Keeping her in you.
Please don't be hopeless,
Let that pain sprout new leaves-
Try, try and try until
You find the perfect one.


Don’t let yourself and ultimately me,
Die because of that heartless dream.
The girl who talks o status and not love,
How can she be of anyone?
But that of money rolls!
So don't be a moron, O heart!
Don't fret, dear moron!



Poet: Rishabh Raj

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