Penniless Poetry Poet: Mona Singh ©

The Time when left her side,
She couldn't think excepting the jibes.


The Sky above,
Lilac in its Character;
Disagreed to color her Gesture,
Defeated in her Effort;
Implored the White Lamp,
To get the seven Hues to burst.


In the midst of the Blue Blanket Nap,
However, what she craved for-
Was not yet served to her,
Palpitations of her four chambers;
Hankered never after relinquishment,
For they were the only Harbingers;
Of her Heart's Long-Lived Embellishment.


And it keeps beating saying,
"This Time isn't mine.....
Because now I've lost all my Dime-
Now I've lost all my Dime.


Poet: Mona Singh


Editor's Note: Life can be complicated, it might make you feel penniless too. But it's just in the day- this too shall pass. Don't fret too much, try to find a new direction, instead.  

Love n Peace from all of us at <3


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