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Hey Perfect You- I know you!


So you dress in layers! Don't you? I so knew it! And you wear baggy clothes too? Ahh! I discern what you mean!  Do you look at your image and then decide on altered attire as you think the one you wore before was making you look fat? See, I caught you again! Yes, I mean you prefer dark clothes too.  No, no! I am not a mind reader. You want to know how I knew it all.  Well, my dear friend, I have been there- I still am. I live what you live only with a slight distinction. I have decided to concede to my gorgeousness.


Hey! Are you still planning to veil yourself, like every other day? Hmm... Don't. I will tell you why?


You say you won't wear a sleeveless dress. You say you will cover your beautiful round arms in a shrug otherwise. Or you are a guy who wears a sweatshirt on a sunny day to cover those strong appendages. Never do that! You have those comfy hands that anyone would want to hold. Your limbs indicate your emotional self-reliance. You have that relaxing pair of shoulders that pillow someone's misgivings, sorrows- the doubts.


You say you have a show-off for an abdomen- it likes to grab attention and thus protrudes! No, my pal, you got it wrong again. It means you are one of those confidantes who keep everyone's secrets close; never to reveal them. You may have few friends to go to a party with, but even those you regard as associates come to you when they need a kind word, or to share their biggest fears. You stomach them all and keep their trust.


Now let's see those wide hips? Hmm.... They show your love to boogie a whirl, spin, maybe belly dance? They definitely depict your thoughtful lifestyle. You are an arm-chair philosopher. You are from those ancient times where scholars thought and created a beautiful world of physics, psychology, and literature. Yes, literature is also a science, buddy. It is the science of the perceptive cum receptive heart that contracts to everyone's pains and puffs up in pride at a neighbor's success.


Your love for life makes your countenance round and extensive. You’re irresistible to the good things in life, food, drinks, laughter, and nature. You absorb the exquisiteness of the globe through your five senses. Your eyes breathe the wonder of earth, your nose inhales the exuberant effervesce of existence, and your mouth tastes the tanginess of circumstances. No, you do not gnaw away your struggles. You gulp down niggles and let your body acids consume them into a blissful conclusion. The music you hear is that of the birds, the ruffle of the leaves. You touch the passion of mortality.


You are perfect the way you are. Your figure or physique does not make you. It is your inner you that encompasses your humanity. If you are happy your environment thrives. Your anxiety saps that milieu. Don’t crowd yourself with pessimism. Trust your wonderfulness. You are one of those special people who discounts  the imperfect world a liveable place, because you are perfect yourself.


The ones, who pull you down, don’t know your worth. Do exercise, eat right and live healthily. Nevertheless, do not make it a big deal if you are not a size zero. Don’t fret if you don’t have a lean body. Strive to live a healthy existence of mind and body.If you bring happiness to others, you make a crier wipe tears and grin at your charisma, you have won. Perhaps you are misunderstood but you are always a force to reckon with. Beam my friend. Smile for yourself. You are a keeper. You are cherished. It’s difficult for folks to concede defeat. Remember they are sour losers. You, my dear, have won. Acknowledge yourself to shine- blossoming in your victory.


Author: Kleio B'wti

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