Story Image- Skyfall

Drumrolls! Deafening drumrolls! Fireworks, everywhere. The war cry scared the lives out of the living. Departed souls begged for mercy, but no one cut the slack. On and on, sound and light- at the dead of the night.

A war had begun. The peaceful wind, as if possessed, began to roar a war song. Even to the deafened ears, the reverberation was too strong- deadly.

War on every front- disease, political anarchy, poverty and the blind-sided wills of the decaying mind. Soon heaven too joined the chaos. And on it went- blow after blow- stronger- resonating-hissing- blaring. The universe shook, stars shattered- artillery, aircraft, missiles and earsplitting collision.

Through the clouds of despair, from the gallows of suffocation, it poured- tears from heaven streamed down as precipitation, washing way the landscape of pain, hurt, disappointment, sickness and decay. And as the sun peeped out a new start- hope bloomed again.

8 thoughts on “Skyfall

  1. The reality of ongoing (so called World War) I would say that after describing the pain/saddened globe author brilliantly focused on hope to come!
    All the best ?

  2. The deafening crescendo built up at the start, juxtaposed with the cool, balmy ending is a graphic reminder of “….if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

    1. Thank you, Ananda. Indeed, we are all waiting for this winter to turn into spring. Always hoping. 🙂

  3. You remind me of Bob Dylan’s anti-war song ‘ John Brown ‘.
    Robert Southey’s Ballard ‘ After Blenheim’ although written earlier still have focused on the irony of war. The present war is very different. Can we name it the World War lll? Your positivity at the end is the Oxygen you have thoughtfully provided to All.

    1. Thank you for this, Mishti. My super short story reminded you of the greats. Such an honour. I’m humbled.

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