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Sometimes I feel I’m a sad and lonely girl. Walking on shingles, barefoot, with bleeding soles.


Maybe my soles are where my soul rests, paining-bleeding.  I remember walking by faith, undeterred.


My life has crashed in debris yet the ruins are still bearing saplings. For those germinating lives of aspirations- as leaves and roots grow, I live. I live to water them into smiling trees. 


Happy or not, reluctant and broke, I water those sprigs of hope, I live. Coz depression, fear, bruise, and pain are not the options for life.


Life is living; life is pushing others to meet their aim- to live- to win. And I’m the gardener. I’ll see the leaves of new beginnings transform the lives they touch. And I’ll live, live to protect those dreams. 


Author: Kleio B'wti

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