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‘All that glitters is gold!'


The millennium generation has tweaked this old observation a bit. They have refined it into; “All that glitters is diamonds, precious stones, gold, body, and skin!

Marilyn Monroe<br /> Courtsey: user:

This philosophy has booked phenomenal advancement in the wellness and beauty industry. Once upon a time, Marilyn Monroe had no qualms in using bleach to go blonde. The girls today do. They would rather experiment with no ammonia, Jewel-tone hair. ‘Pravana’ is a hair care company that is trendsetting this new look. The brilliance of gemstones like amethyst, emerald and topaz shimmer in hair fashion today.


The bling is back in skincare now.

Most of the reputed cosmetic brands have come up with a gemstone range. The fast moving Lancome Ageless Minerale with White Sapphire Complex is one such product. The company assures that White Sapphire is embedded in the Powder Foundation. Lancome Powder Foundation hardly has had any opponents in the market since its introduction around 2014.


With a generation wanting unique consumer experience every day, the beauty industry is spending millions in Research and Development. They are referring to the ancient anecdotes of beauty and makeup and amalgamating a modern scientific twist to widen their market reach.


Inspired, some cosmetic companies are giving us the treat of the old era.

They are bringing out the Cleopatra in every girl with their wide range of products like gold bleach, pearl makeup, and silk cream. History tells us how the Egyptian Empress Cleopatra and the Sumerians used gold dust, powder of other precious stones like emerald, ruby, and turquoise to enhance their eyes, cheekbones, and skin. Lakme, Maybelline, L'Oreal Paris are the front-runners in using precious ingredients in their eyeshadow range.


wakenshine.comThe ancients used diamond sparkles on their fingertips to make the nails shine! Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail color mentions diamond dust as an ingredient in its nail product ‘Pink Diamond’. L'Oreal Paris has come up with a Nail Paint series as well that has precious ingredients. The nail paint range is called the Gold Dust Textured Nail Polish range.

L'Oreal Paris is not only creating breakthrough makeup and cosmetics. They are imbibing the traditional Chinese technique of application for skin care products, as well. The company is extensively using pearl extracts and pearl saturated liquids. L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream is infused with pearl extracts.


Indians love Gold!

VLCC has come up with an extensively profitable cosmetic treatment. VLCC Gold Polish Face Scrub, VLCC Diamond Facial Kit and Body Polish have captured the imagination of the consumer market in India. Nivea has come up with popular gold bath gel that intensifies options for the buyer.


The cosmetic and fashion industry is leaning towards the new trend- of 'Bling-ing' the market. It's crucial to investigate if these precious stones and metals really benefit the user. Ayurveda, since the times of Susruta, has used gold in healing and wellness. The Chinese have used pearls for the same purpose.


wakenshine.comDiamond particles were used as a facial and body scrub because of their exfoliating and healing property. Emeralds are good anti-ageing agents; Onyx is good for wounds and fungal infections. Ruby, improves blood circulation. Sapphires help in keeping the skin hydrated. Application of precious stones on the body heightens the sensory experience, alleviating stress.


All this sounds incredible!


It's good to be aware as a buyer, not impulsive. Wellness products and cosmetic brands may use these valuable gemstones in a very negligible amount in their products. Insignificant quantities of diamonds, rubies, pearls and more have a minute impact on the skin. In such circumstances, the use of precious and semi-precious components in the cosmetic is more of a marketing gimmick.


wakenshine.comRaging trends compels the consumer to be vigilant and informed. Before spending whopping amounts on gem infused or gold infused cosmetics, it is wise to scrutinize the ingredients of the package. The value of gemstones is soaring. However, these gem infused cosmetics have a standard price range that hardly wavers. It is always smart to check, recheck, investigate. Taking an informed buying decision is a huge responsibility.


As: all that glitters is not as golden as wisdom, nor as precious as a healthy wallet.


Author: Kleio B'wti

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Lips (Don’t Lie)

A small bullet like colorful, wonderful smelling, soft, creamy article, is the best friend of probably every girl.


It brightens you up when you feel dull, it makes you sparkle when you look tired, it turns heads, gives your lips that succulence that it so deserves. As Miranda Kerr rightly eulogized it by saying.  “I really love a red lip, especially when I am feeling tired, as it brightens my whole face.”


Sometimes it makes me sympathize with the men. They have no such instant mood and image enhancer like we women do! Everybody deserves something special like a Lipstick. It is a best friend that colors you bad, colors you mad, and colors you 'Red'!


The trend started with the Sumerian people, who invented a Lipstick made of crushed gemstones about 5000 years ago. They decorated their contours especially the mouth and eyes. It glittered and had gold! Their wonderful creation was not a feminine turf. Everyone and anyone could shine and sparkle during those times. Oh! By the way, they also introduced the much-loved eyeshadow!


The ancient world gave us language, music, folklore, tools, farming, and fire. It gave us those flammable lip hues that add more meaning to our lives. Not only wearing lip blush is fun, but it’s great to visualize the wearer as attractive and impressive. When John Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever" I bet he was not only talking about his girl but also about this great gift to womankind-Lipsticks.


To those who criticize makeup, I would like to point out that looking beautiful or the effort one makes to look gorgeous is not a poison. It's a way to express self-love. Like personal hygiene is important to every living being, luscious lips are definitely a priority for many.


I want to congratulate our ancestors as well as the cosmetic brands and makeup artists who work hard to enhance self-worth in women. Everyone can afford at least one lipstick.  This gift to womenkind come in various price range and brands. Those who cannot afford it or prefer to keep things natural can color the labrum naturally. How about berry lips, beetle-leaved lips or for that matter beet-rooted ones? Never stop loving yourself and especially your lips as what you say sounds more pleasing when it is uttered from a beautiful mouth.


Although she died young, Carole Lombard’s words will live for ages, “I live by a man’s code, designed to fit a man’s world, yet at the same time I never forget that a woman’s first job is to choose the right shade of lipstick.”

Author: Kleio B'wti

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