Love: More Than Words <3

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​Love, they say, is a feeling. But recently, when Val related a conversation with a fellow passenger in an autorickshaw, I had a flash of Newton moment!

Love is not just a feeling. It is also a language of emotional expression. And the language of L-O-V-E is complicated. While socially, terms like ‘baby’, ‘honey’, ‘darling’, ‘sweetheart’ and other endearments in English and their counterparts in different languages express love, sometimes, even words like ‘idiot’, ‘stupid’ or ‘shut-up’; communicates tenderness!

In Bihar (A state in India), the word ‘khacchar’ (mule), is used by elders as an endearment for children. I remember how my granda would liberally use ‘khacchar’ to communicate love, anger, reprimand or disappointment. For his grandchildren, ‘khacchar’ meant an absolute feeling of affection. Well, that word can​ singularly inspire a blog of crazy family anecdotes ;), so I will leave it at just that right now.

Going back to Val, and her anecdote- the passenger was speaking to her boyfriend on the phone with the most loving ‘idiots’, ‘stupids’ and ‘mads’. And it gives us something to think about and perhaps change our overview.

While we judge people and their relationships by how we idealize them, our sentiments don’t extend to many.

For some, love is rude. And for some, it is aggressive​ and or unpleasant. While some like lofty stuff, others have a grounded sense of it. Not every time do we fall in love with that person, who shares the same sense of emotion. Their subjective expression may or may not make us feel good or comfortable.

But it is okay. If we don’t understand the language of love of the other person, it is okay to walk away. Yes, it is literally impossible to find an expert linguist who can translate someone’s feelings for us. Who wants a 3rd wheel in a relationship, anyway? And who understands every nuance of love, after all?
Also, it is okay to stick around to decipher a person of interest’s affection and commitment. Love is truly a mystery!

And the language of L-O-V-E is a whole dictionary with hidden messages and subterfuge of expressions. Subtle or tender, harsh or unforgiving- the language of love is more than words, more than feelings and more than research topics. Honestly, it is a ​hyperbole!

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Hear Heart’s Hymns

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There is a voice within that natters to us. Occasionally it’s a persistent prattle that jars our nerves. At other times, it is the voice that guides us through troubled times.


What is this inner voice? Is it actually the divine talking to us? Or is it the celestial that is within us? Does this voice exist among the terrorists, murderers, and other anti-social elements?


Sigmund Freud called it the Super Ego chatting with us. Some call it the God within. Others say it’s a 'gut feeling'. Sadly, there are plenty in the world today who are hard of hearing their inner voice.


The voice of reason essentially means that every person has some goodness and astuteness in them. Even before committing an act of crime for a split second, the heart stops, the mind recoils, the blood recedes from even those who are deaf to the inner voice. Just like we get habituated to narcotics, alcohol and other substance of dependence, people tend to under-hear the tune within as a habit. Those who are deaf need to overhaul their spiritual self.


Why? Because being hearing-impaired by choice to the power of self-reasoning is preposterous!


Every learned man, all spiritual or religious text requests its readers to look deep within where all the answers rest- the answer to illness, grief, triumph, and harmony. Let's try to take note of that little voice within. I am sure it is whispering the happiest and purest phrases into our spirits, hearts, and intellect.



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Mighty Kites

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Who doesn't like them? I see you all shake your heads to negate. I know you all love it, and so do I.


The universal appeal is heart-warming. Every one of us can narrate at least one happy moment with it, if not more. This flying wonder has been a fascination for one-n- all ever since it was invented. 


China in the 5th Century BC did not really know that the readily available silk, silk yarn, and bamboo could give the world a universal getaway when it soars.


The Polynesians used it to send prayers to the Gods. A kite according to their customs symbolizes the Rising of Jesus. Homage waits for it on Easter annually in many countries. Vietnam modified it, making it sing a whistling note.


The Indian subcontinent uses it for almost any special occasion, be it the celebration of harvest, Independence Day or any other rather special occasion. Sometimes the citizens of the subcontinent use it to settle animosities too- in a most dexterous, harmonious and creative manner. The biggest personal wars usually end with one bout of competition. Not only this, team spirit; leadership also develops while we interact with it.


In Afghanistan, kite fights are common. No, don't take it like that! It’s a non-violent one! I bet there are no casualties of life, maybe of hopes and sometimes ego. Sadly, Europe didn't get to join in the fun as long as the Asians and Polynesians did. However, when they did, it led to the golden age of knowledge.


Wherever this invention went, it brought hope. It brought creativity and enlightenment. Humanity owes a big thank you to the land of the Great Wall. This object has demolished all worldly barricades in the craving to fly- the mighty- kite.


Kites have let to social harmony and development of scientific theories. The Wright Brothers became the first to fly, inspired by the Kite. Then, Kites have served well in military espionage and message delivery and something as mundane as fishing as well.


A kite for me, symbolizes the freedom to express, of fearlessly exploring my horizons and opportunities; a direct communication with the vast universe through its most popular medium- the sky. Through the kite, I send my wishes to the spirits above;  blessing and love shower upon me. I meet a stranger flying a kite; we become friends by the time my kite makes its route. Not everyone can afford to commute on a plane, yet a free ride of desire on a kite is always welcome.


The biggest lesson of life that this positive object- the Kite, teaches us is that we control the strings of our glories and stumbles, of joys and miseries. Hold the string too tight, and the flight never materializes; keep it too loose and it crashes mid-flight; maintain it just right, tactically strategize your personal skills and self-beliefs; then the sky will be yours.


Let’s all enjoy this euphoria. Let's all do some kite flying.


Author: Kleio B'wti



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