Big Poetry Poet: Rishabh Raj ©

I wanna get big!
I wanna be big!!
I want- Ahh.... Really!
I shouted so loud.

Oh no!
Mom n Daddy asked. "What's the matter, son?
What's this screaming all about?


I wanna get BIG!
The Lord knows.
So I shouted-
And got a tight slap.


Many nights I chanted to sleep,
'I want to get big!'
But never asked elders the same
Question- about growing up.


I waited for time,
When not only me,
But the world would notice I've grown. 


"Yes! He stands tall on his feet.
Not just a boy in his mom's lap."
Woo-hoo! what a feat!


Small with words and actions,
I can make anyone today;
but an awkward unease binds me,
An affliction of many people my age.


Rewind our lives to the pint-size,
Huge 'Fs'- Felicity and Fortitude;
Reasons want to pull us back,
Many and me, want our bags packed.


Ya, I miss Mom calling me "Betu".
A hefty piggy bank of familial love;
The everyday games, Alas!
I don't recall when I played last!


Tom & Jerry, Pokemon, and Beyblade,
Like Ostwald and Veini,
My friends, the laughter, that craze.


Now friends aren't there all the time,
Those moments of terrific fun!
Now a bored, a useless grunt.


FB and WatsApp keep us paced,
Na, Na, it's not enough!
How long will apps reduce my loneliness?
Ouch! My eyes! They put 'em through stress!


Poet: Rishabh Raj

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I remember the first day of my new school,
Not willing to get ready for it and mom saying:
“Child plz be calm and cool,"
Crying no mummy no.
Fear of being alone all throughout the day,
Hahaha…. After a while;
All these fine efforts proved to be useless
As I finally found myself in that muddy bay……

     But I was wrong.
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I was actually in the paradise,
Having a number of beautiful angels;
And handsome kings….a great combination!
As compared to a rainbow slice,
Woooo…. That made me  happy;
Feelings for that place too strongly,
Fascinatedly making so many friends in a short while,
God like teachers who motivated with their soft words;
As to how to cover infinitely long life's miles.


The first day over and as the days goes by,
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Shyness within me goes away saying bye,
No matter boy or a girl,
I only focus on the word “friend”,
For me going to school was not only to study then.
But also for fun, to learn from my buddies.
Destiny was in the another mood!
Ohh no!
A Single class broken-down into more than two.



And I starved for the happiness food,
Strong growing bonding converted into back bonding,
I was losing my friend’s heart to my heart binding……
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Lastly came the end day of heaven like place (Class 10),
Also, the time to observe all the angels,
Kings and my Gods face,
Whom I have to and want to
Carry along with me in my life's race;
But it’s tough for me;
Even a single one to get trace……
Saying “living alone; living alone”



To every schoolmate,
Has become a habit of mine,
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I pray to god to once again draw
That invisible joining line,
Starting from me and ending through them.


That huge tree of life;
I want to see it again…….
Ya, there were feelings of fights- of hatred too,
Woooo…. But the love of course never left!
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Word “Me” is missing (from others);
Hmmm…. that cannot be filled up (from my side),
As it has the word “friend” yup,
My school mates
Because without them, I’m nothing,
But a mere toothpick……




Poet: Rishabh Raj
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Editor's Note:
A young poet brings to us the beauty of growing up, making friends at school and then eventually the angst of leaving them after high school is over. Enjoy the beauty of this beautiful piece. Rishabh, you will remain in your friend's heart and they will have a rueful smile as they treasure, coz friendships last forever, even when we think they don't. Cheers!

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