À Bientôt


In high school, a day before school recommenced after the summer break, my friend called me. She sounded sad and soon started sobbing. One of our classmates, one who was in section C of class 9th had left us forever. I staggered to silence for a while. Hearing my friend still sniveling on the other line, I tried to find an explanation for it all.


Finally, I came up with an inane version that God loved her enough to avoid the anxieties of exams, college, job-life. It calmed my friend a little.


The cause of her demise was a mystery. It was later declared an accidental death due to a reaction to some fizzy drink (I am not sharing the name of the brand of the drink because I haven't seen the official postmortem report. Being a responsible person, I'd like to keep the name under wraps).


I still remember her twinkling eyes, her enthusiasm. How she greeted anyone she met with warmth and acceptance. We were never in the same section in school; however, I always felt she was a part of my own notorious section-A.


Such wonderful people meet us in life, to teach us how to live. They themselves lead a very short life, yet they inspire us to lead our comparatively longer ones with inspiration.


Then, in Class 11, a girl, a couple of years junior to me, and a family friend's daughter committed suicide. I still can see her sunny personality and joy de vive.


Her irrational, crazy end still haunts me.


Someday, when I die, I will meet them. We will again sing and clap in merry-go-rounds, swing up to the sky, chat on a see-saw, play basketball and dance for cultural programs. I guess the place for all the fun will be in heaven this time.


To all those who have lost a friend or loved one, remember we are here to carry on the plans they made, succeed in what they started. Don't give up. Don't let go, don't say goodbye, just try, because they are watching over us, egging us to make our dreams come true.


To sum it all, I quote George Elliot, “Only in the agony of parting so we look into the depths of love.”

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Bereaved Poem Poet: Mona Singh ©www.wakenshine.com, 2017.

The Happiest was the Dead,
It went away.
Leaving All My Grudge,
and Hatred;
On this so-called Mud.....

The Detachment Clouted Me,
Compelled Me To Clear out;
All the Debt Of,
This Deafening Silence.

But How?
But How?
The Impossible be Made Possible?

Because Now I Know-
We Both have Gone into

Poet: Mona Singh


Editor's Note: Mona, losing a pet is the saddest of all tragedies. You lose the most important part of yourself with your loving pet. But as they say, life goes on, and it will only make you stronger than before. Wherever your friend is right now, you are remembered and cherished. Lots of love from all of us at WakenShine.com <3

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