Some Wounds Never Heal

The last week has been a slow drift for the Bharatiya population. I’ve seen the most depressed faces at work that no amount of Monday blues, office bullying and conspiracy can’t elicit. 

Two months upon a time, a happy Bharat stood shattered.

No, it was no terrorist attack or market crash. No, it was no natural calamity either. What had festered nearly 95% of Bharatiyas was the game of cricket.

Bharat’s cricket team, comprising perhaps of the world’s prosperous and most influential players, had yet again broken a promise. They lost the World Cup finals and miserably! Look at their body language in the photos and replays. You will see they didn’t care two hoots about the loss. The only one who looked unhappy was Rahul Dravid, ex-batsman, and current coach.

Bharat’s honourable head of the state visited the team in the dressing room and tried to lift their spirits. That is the only time you’ll see these cricketers look a teeny bit embarrassed.

It’s not the first time the team has let us down. Our players are scared of winning finals, or perhaps they are scared of getting into trouble with the match-fixers. Who knows? Possibly, there are traitors in the team who put money over the country. Who knows?

This country has given male cricket players

  • respect
  • ad endorsements
  • best facilities 
  • access to the best sports technology

 Yet they bring us down every time. 

The Bharatiya Women’s/Men’s Hockey Team, or for that matter, the Women’s Cricket Team, would have gotten us so many laurels over the years had they received the exposure and privileges that the Men’s Cricket Team does. 

Footballers like Baichung Bhutiya and Sunil Chettri never got the same opportunities. If there is a shift of focus from Men’s cricket to Hockey, Soccer/Football, Women’s Cricket, Kabaddi, and Kho-Kho, our sports in future can look so massive and successful. 

But Bharatiyas love tragedies. We are the Shakuntalas of Men’s Cricket (The Dushyants), Karns of our Cricket Hopes (The Kuntis)! It’s our love of cricket that eventually makes us hope again. 

And that is why our pain is epic! Because when the next World Cup arrives, the Men-in-blue spins us another disaster. 

The never-ending cycle ensures that the wounds of millions of Bharatiyas never heal. Yet, our PM Modi leads us from the front in continuing to believe in the game and the men of cricket! 

Yet our PM showered them with the love they didn’t deserve. I wish all had a heart as large as yours, PM Modi. Yes, we can still hope, but unlike you, we can’t forgive!

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee – A Man of Exceptions
The memory of the poet, orator, politician, statesman, India’s favourite former Prime Minister will live on…


As a child, I was interested in politics. I sat with my family to hear politicians speak in the Lok Sabha. And I always waited to hear him speak.


His words made my blood rush with a patriotic fervour. His poems were my personal favourite. As a poet, I wondered if I could ever write like him. Or if my words would affect the mass with the fervent desire to uplift the world. His words did that. He made people think. His words always ensured positive and progressive thoughts in one and all. That was the power of his words.


His smile to me was the balm of the early morning sun. It brightened me. His winsome smile motivated me. It made me want to contribute in the building a stronger society that was bound by values and traditions. Yet, it drove me to think differently, to break from the dead norms. It made me learn to be modern while respecting my roots.


It was when I saw him in those sunglasses that I wondered if I had got it all wrong. That simple man had an evergreen suave. It made me confident that he was a modern man with a traditional heart.


I remember Pokhran. I remember the Kargil war. Most importantly, I remember his poise when the going got tough. I remember his peaceful countenance when India achieved its national goals.


Today, it is tough to trust politicians. He on the other hand looked and sounded trustworthy. He was a man who had friends, advisors and probably detractors. However, this man had no adversaries. No enemies! How did he manage that? But he did! That was because he was extraordinary. His strong character stood out at times of crisis and at times of joy.


Born on Christmas, call him 93 or just a man in his early 20s. The truth is, he was such a young person at heart. The sparkle in his eyes, the serenity of his smile and his salt n pepper look. I liked it all.


The only politician I ever admired and look up to is gone. He has left a void that no one can fill.


There is plenty of reason why I hold him in such a high regard. The primary reason is that it easy to get carried away when one is powerful. It is easy to get swayed when the stakes are high. Only the strongest person can forgo all the trappings of the world to toil for the nation and its’ people.


This man did. He was as his name suggested. He was strong, uncompromising, generous and unmoved by temptations. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, my favourite statesman, poet and orator will always live in my memory. He will consistently inspire me. He will forever push me to be a better poet.


The poem of Indian politics has become quiet. But we will spread his lyrics throughout the world by building a strong nation.


RIP Mr Vajpayee. You will be missed by the nation.



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