Pig-headed? Mutt-minded? Or The Protector Of The Good?

Abstract Thoughts

When a cast of darkness spread over the mountains and the azure sky couldn’t penetrate its blueness through it, eyes from heaven opened and poured out countless tears.

Some penetrated the darkness and fell on pools of red. Some slid through dismembered hands, legs, and heads. As the nectar touched the troubled surfaces, supersonic screams filled the air.

The grounds felt goosebumps, and the mountains shook through the reverberations. The plants, although alive, lost their verve, dogs howled, owls scooted, crows cawed, and lions roared. Nature cried as a baby girl bled to death. The ocean tides revolted as countless women- dead and alive were violated.

But the deaf didn’t hear. The blind couldn’t see. Those with human sensibilities defended the unGodly acts in the name of land-grabbing, the difference in faith, weird name callings of cow/calf-lovers, infidels and letters like ‘I’ and ‘Z’.

Pig-headed are those who are not ready to accept the truth. It is not the pig that is unclean but the minds that harbour violent thoughts.
It is not the dogs who are evil but the hearts of those who kill the innocent in the lofty need to justify the goodness of one religion over another. They are the mutt-minded.
The real infidels are those who are cheating the world of humanity, compassion, kindness and brotherhood.

While those who are raising their voice against centuries of violence, countless acts of anarchy or stopping mayhem from spreading further, are the protector of the good.

Which one are you? The pig-headed, the mutt-minded, the infidel or the protector of the good?

Of the many choices, choose wisely!

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