Pic Courtsey: C.L.K Reddy Poetry: 'Moon' Poet: Mona Singh ©

The sphere shaded with White,
Kept me flinching away from the tides.
I longed to touch the Dark Knight soon,
For I supposed It to be the Divine Boon.


Though devoid of her own Blaze Cynthia was,
Cast my bona fide shadow with her borrowed Gloss.
With Elegance She used to entice,
However, when I reached her She swept me aside.


The Sun was supposed to be Thanked,
As the darkness became Beautiful with a Friend.


And what if the Sun had taken away the Charm It cast on?
The Moon, nevertheless, might not have mourned,
Because till then,
It had known,
The Halcyon Days could again be Reborn.


In the way,
I encountered myriad Glittering Speckles,
Who were all Affable and Capable,
Of making my pace Perpetual.
And in the end,
They thought
I was the Hero,
I wondered if they got
The Path to approach was quite narrow.

Poet: Mona Singh



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