Mighty Kites

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Who doesn't like them? I see you all shake your heads to negate. I know you all love it, and so do I.


The universal appeal is heart-warming. Every one of us can narrate at least one happy moment with it, if not more. This flying wonder has been a fascination for one-n- all ever since it was invented. 


China in the 5th Century BC did not really know that the readily available silk, silk yarn, and bamboo could give the world a universal getaway when it soars.


The Polynesians used it to send prayers to the Gods. A kite according to their customs symbolizes the Rising of Jesus. Homage waits for it on Easter annually in many countries. Vietnam modified it, making it sing a whistling note.


The Indian subcontinent uses it for almost any special occasion, be it the celebration of harvest, Independence Day or any other rather special occasion. Sometimes the citizens of the subcontinent use it to settle animosities too- in a most dexterous, harmonious and creative manner. The biggest personal wars usually end with one bout of competition. Not only this, team spirit; leadership also develops while we interact with it.


In Afghanistan, kite fights are common. No, don't take it like that! It’s a non-violent one! I bet there are no casualties of life, maybe of hopes and sometimes ego. Sadly, Europe didn't get to join in the fun as long as the Asians and Polynesians did. However, when they did, it led to the golden age of knowledge.


Wherever this invention went, it brought hope. It brought creativity and enlightenment. Humanity owes a big thank you to the land of the Great Wall. This object has demolished all worldly barricades in the craving to fly- the mighty- kite.


Kites have let to social harmony and development of scientific theories. The Wright Brothers became the first to fly, inspired by the Kite. Then, Kites have served well in military espionage and message delivery and something as mundane as fishing as well.


A kite for me, symbolizes the freedom to express, of fearlessly exploring my horizons and opportunities; a direct communication with the vast universe through its most popular medium- the sky. Through the kite, I send my wishes to the spirits above;  blessing and love shower upon me. I meet a stranger flying a kite; we become friends by the time my kite makes its route. Not everyone can afford to commute on a plane, yet a free ride of desire on a kite is always welcome.


The biggest lesson of life that this positive object- the Kite, teaches us is that we control the strings of our glories and stumbles, of joys and miseries. Hold the string too tight, and the flight never materializes; keep it too loose and it crashes mid-flight; maintain it just right, tactically strategize your personal skills and self-beliefs; then the sky will be yours.


Let’s all enjoy this euphoria. Let's all do some kite flying.


Author: Kleio B'wti



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Care Syndrome

Care Syndrome Blog Post Author: Kleio B'wti ©www.wakenshine.com, 2017.
Loving comes at its own price.


One of the biggest drawbacks of being in love is that it creates a feeling of care. We care for the one we love- our parents, siblings, cousins, friends, neighbors, children and pets. And with care comes the feeling of insecurity, “Is he/she/it ok?” While some manage this worry for other’s well being by overt thoughts and actions, few have the capability to take their concerns with a grain of salt. They are able to let go of the feeling of worry for the ones they love. 


Unfortunately, it is difficult for most to separate the feeling of concern with the other individual’s free will. Sometimes it borders on interference. In the life, we lead today not many appreciate being indulged with perennial concern.


They want to be free to witness life and not be held back by someone’s anxiety that they often term as ‘nagging’. 


It is a life skill to understand that the other needs his/her own freedom to think, to take risks, to learn. It is important to be an emotional anchor but a shadowy one. No one wants an ‘in your face’ person in their lives who are always in SOS mode. It is best to give one personal space and be a support only when needed. The question now is how we can love but not hold the strings too tight?


How can we care but not intrude?


The only way to achieve this is by being confident about ourselves. Caring to an excessive point is often a defense mechanism where the individual projects his/her own concerns on the person or object of affection. These concerns usually pertain to the insecurities that lie within a person, about and for his/her own self. So, if we can learn to love ourselves, and to accept our own selves with all our faults, all our areas of improvements, with all our handicaps, only then can we love freely, care freely and give freely.


Let’s start the journey today.  Let’s be the fireworks that light our own lives and, that of others in our environment and in turn of the world. 


In words of Sensei (SGI President) “A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, can even enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.”
― Daisaku Ikeda, The Human Revolution


Author: Kleio B'wti

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One Way Street

One Way Street Blog Post Author: Kleio B'wti ©www.wakenshine.com, 2017. Pic: Getty Image-

If life is a highway, then sign posts greet the traveler on their route.


Where there could be a right side from a wrong one while driving on a road, the beast of a machine just like living follows the 'do's' and the 'do not's'. For free will as in the freeway- the spirit of survival never stops to amaze!


There are potholes, debris, bumps, speed breakers that jolt the drive, yet the vehicle of existence, changes gears to adjust to the geography of the path; to not break the momentum. 


A halt is necessary occasionally- to refill the gasoline of energy, to refresh imagination with new ideas and possibilities. A brief respite usually adds that extra punch for facing the odds in the journey called life. Worn out tyres of the vehicle are replaced as old and defunct relationships are renewed with new ones.


When the carriage breaks down, a detour to the service station fixes the beast as good as new, just as a doctor and medicines fix ailments.


Sometimes an operation is an only choice for curing illness while at other times a transplant is needed as an automobile needs a new part to run smoothly. An old car is often replaced with a new wheel. Relationships are revamped to acknowledge new technology and ease. Dressing style and lifestyle are upgraded to suit the taste of time.


There is no stopping a vehicle on its way. When the vehicle finally runs down dead, existence ceases to breathe. Thus,  continued existence is always poignant, forever transforming, constantly growing in awareness and understanding.


The quiddity of aliveness is a cryptic one-way street; where there is no point to revert to a womb that life starts from.


When life breathes, it lives, thrives, grows, travels through new experiences until it perishes into silence. 


It’s best to never give up an opportunity; to shed a tear of regret; learn from mistakes; nix to stop in the pursuit of finding solace. Refuse to lose the mojo of life yet drive safe; turn sound; steer with conviction to reach the utmost destination of one’s truest potential. 

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