Window Shopping

Vespa Scooter Author: Kleio B'wti ©, 2017.

Retail Therapy has its own perks. It agrees to unwind my mind from the everyday banal living! Shopping allows for physical purchases and/or an online retail experience. One feature that tops it all is the magic of Window Shopping! My mind thinks of possibilities- it works to manifest some hypnotic merchandise into a certainty.


My recent shopping experience was such!


I saw my dream standing in front of me- all sleek and shining. Its contours were shapely curves. There were many others who wanted to glance at it, some even tried to touch a greeting. The display area had a glass wall with a double door stride to the showroom. I will walk this way to purchase my beautiful yearning as well, I prayed.


A choice of spectacular colours and technical specifications has made this product India’s most wanted machine. Visualising my dream confuses me! I constantly wonder what colour I would finally prefer when my time of purchase arrives. Honestly, this great endeavour of mechanical engineering has me besotted.
Italy has invented it living true to the Italian legacy of captivating the global audience. This Italian wonder is as precious to me as the Pasta and Pizzas are to the culinary world.


I am a huge fan of Vespa! I stood outside the outlet gazing at it- sweltering in the sultry sun; wishing, wanting and dreaming of proudly owning this two-wheeler someday.


Author: Kleio B'wti


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