Wake Me Up!

wake me up

Early morning, when the sun is rising and the alarm blares a- ‘Get Up!’; it’s typically such a squat! The eyes are groggy, the reverie had almost hit the crescendo and the dreaded alarm went- Wham! The heart laments the interrupted bliss.


There is nothing more humungous than the early morning blues. No sunshine can dispel those sweet nothings of the forgotten dream, the cozy bed that is more inviting than the washroom where the toothbrush resignedly cries an alarm- "Dare you! Don't squeeze that peppermint filled tube on me!”


Early morning lows can only be vanquished by a loved one bringing you a steaming cup of black coffee with a rose on a tray- a romantic notion which is almost nowhere in sight, in reality, every day. We lead a busy life, after all! Daylight leaves the eyes ajar, reminiscing the sweet thoughts of yesternight. Although unpleasant, there is no way we can forego waking up.


After all, there is a school bell waiting to go off, an office elevator about to open, an imperative meeting that cannot be postponed, a reality that is waiting to knock on the door of bliss.


What is this poison of everyday living that breaks all norms of comfort, that which desperately wants us to face the reality of a new day?


Maybe it is life- a verve that waves its magic wand on harsh realities, of a drive, to succeed- to meet deadlines, to win against all odds. Or it is possibly that desire to never be complacent, to learn, to give and in turn to receive the insights of a perfect permanence.


Deep within our hearts, man and animal know that the days of our existence is limited. We all recognize that our yearning to accomplish comes with an unexpected and mysterious time limit. Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Time and Tide Wait For None’ rings so true!


Whatever it is, waking up every day is the very essence of our existence. We work hard the whole day; unwind into joy until we stir to another day of toil. Likewise, in life, it's always imperative to wake up from the slumber of trying circumstances with vigor and new illumination for problem-solving.


We are programmed to excel and to shine in our endeavors. To venture towards our goals we sleep to plan unconsciously, arm ourselves to the best of our capabilities to fight another day in achieving our goals. Those who cannot do so, perish as Charles Darwin explains in his ‘Theory of Evolution’.


The living beings that choose to sleep through their ambitions and personal conflicts and wisdom go extinct. Those who evolve, do so by sacrificing that desire to remain in a bubble, by waking up- although reluctantly; to make the most of their time, to contribute a better tomorrow.


There is no way to avoid arousing ourselves from the ecstasy of fantasy.! There is no shying away from it, therefore it’s best to embrace 'wake-up'. Waking up is a step to the paradise of a tranquil reality and informed learning. So a huge round of applause to the Alarm Clock and our innate determination to fight- to be strong and to conquer every given day a trophy of new possibilities.


Author: Kleio B'wti



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