World Peace

Some believe that the soul chooses the body it will take at the time of rebirth. It is also believed that the soul chooses the family and the environment it will be born to. The belief is that the soul makes this choice so as to absolve its past mistakes and work towards attaining enlightenment- the final route to God Realization.


God Realization is the soul’s final goal.


After various life encounters, I have realized that we, who choose a human form are escapists. We choose the easy way out to work towards the journey of the soul’s journey towards its goal. On the other hand, the souls who choose to be born in any other form of the beast but Homo sapiens, are the courageous ones. They live on the streets, get abused by the higher animal-man, they go through perils, are abandoned-killed.


But whatever they are inflicted with, they remember to create value by a slobbery lick to the sad, companionship to the lonely, inspiration for soul searching to the seeker. Even a carnivorous animal kills only for the sake of sustenance. Never do we see a tendency of hoarding among animals. With limited medical facilities as compared to human beings, even without the protection of their rights that a person enjoys, they still strive to maintain the eco-system and in their own way strive to let their soul’s learn and transform.


But look at us! We kill for no reason. Even when we go vacationing to a foreign land as tourists;  or we enter a safe country as refugees- fleeing persecution of nature or humans. Instead of showing our gratitude, we decide to bomb the country of shelter, gun down the citizens who support us needy visitors by paying taxes. We violate human rights and consider it an act of glory. And when we cannot justify our actions, we term it as a religious decree.


The biggest religion in the world is humanity. Humanity brings peace in the environment and land. Retribution, on the contrary, brings anarchy. The total intolerance and hatred we have for others will never allow us to achieve our utmost potential. Thus, our soul will not move towards God Realization. It’s time we check ourselves before priding ourselves as higher mammals. We are actually reducing to a heap of dust of distressed mortals.


This suffering imposed on our globe could lead to permanent damage- an irrevocable injury that will be beyond repair. Let’s try to heal the land and the people with love, respect and acceptance for each one’s miscellany. Let us at least think, visualize and actually walk towards world peace. Our world does not deserve another Brussels Attack, Paris Attack, Ukraine Attack, 9/11 mishap, Iraq War, North Korea, Ethnic Wars and World Wars.


The Dalai Lama has rightly said, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”


So, let us discard ammunitions, hatred, retribution and aggressive tendencies- to build a safe and tranquil Earth.


Author: Kleio B'wti


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